Juan Valdez® Café Expands into South Florida

The iconic Colombian coffee brand opens its first destination store in Historic Downtown Miami

In what represents another important step in its international expansion strategy, Juan Valdez ® Café has opened its first destination store in Historic Downtown Miami, with a second Downtown location to follow next week.  Beginning this fall, Juan Valdez will open additional stores throughout South Florida. The company plans to open 60 stores in the Florida market in the next five years.

These Miami openings will contribute to the brand’s international presence that currently includes nearly 300 Juan Valdez Cafes in 13 different countries including Aruba, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, the United States, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Peru and South Korea. Miami’s new stores are an important part of the Colombian coffee grower´s strategy to gain additional markets for its premium coffees.  This move is strategic given the landscape and culture Miami offers and today’s highly competitive coffee market. Capitalizing on the $18 billion coffee industry in the United States, these stores are sure to be integral to the revitalization of Downtown Miami.

“We are confident that these highly-anticipated concept stores will be well-received by the Miami community. While our locations and spaces may differ slightly from one another, our mission remains the same – to provide high-quality, premium coffee to the city’s discerning coffee drinkers,” said Hernan Mendez, CEO of Juan Valdez Café.

An inclusive business model

Juan Valdez® Cafés and packaged products are designed to benefit Colombian coffee growers and coffee lovers.  Procafecol, the company that operates the brand, was designed as an inclusive business model where the farmers themselves actually benefit from the sale of each cup of Colombian coffee.  The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) is Procafecol’s largest shareholder, and, in addition, more than 18,000 individual coffee growers have invested in the company´s shares. There are more than 560,000 coffee growing families represented by the FNC, and the vast majority own small coffee plantations no bigger than 1.6 hectares on average.  These farmers have passed their wisdom down from generation to generation, which is why they are considered true experts in producing the great quality coffee that represents their heritage.

This inclusive business model is based on several pillars of differentiation. First, what makes Juan Valdez unique is the pride its producers and consumers feel for the coffee’s origin. The idea is that everyone who enjoys a cup of Juan Valdez coffee will take a journey in which they discover the diversity and richness of the Colombian coffee. Juan Valdez emphasizes the importance of origin, aiming to educate its consumers and highlight the different coffee regions in Colombia such as Santander, Cauca, Nariño and Sierra Nevada.

Second, the business is built upon the well-being of the Colombian coffee farmers, who are the heart and soul of the brand and the reason behind its existence. The business pays brand royalties to provide support and sustainability programs to Colombian coffee growers.  In 2013, royalties for direct operation of the brand reached nearly $4 million, whereas accumulated royalties since the Juan Valdez Café launch in 2002 have now reached more than $20 million.  No other company in this sector has designated a comparable proportion of its income to projects that focus on the sustainability of coffee cultivation.

Additionally, Juan Valdez Café consumers will live an authentic experience based on the deep knowledge of coffee and the artisan preparation brewing methods that show the different attributes of the Colombian coffee origins in order to create the perfect cup.

“We are very proud of the dedication and craftsmanship of the Colombian coffee growers. It is thanks to these growers that people across the globe are now able to drink and enjoy the world’s best coffee,” said Hernan Mendez, CEO of Juan Valdez.

About the Juan Valdez® brand:

Juan Valdez® is the only internationally recognized brand that belongs to coffee producers. Inspired in the icon that has represented Café de Colombia for over 50 years, in 2002 the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation –a non-profit organization that represents more than 500,000 small Colombian coffee producers– created the Juan Valdez® brand for coffee shops. Years later, after the popularity and acceptance of the brand in coffee shops and products was consolidated, the distribution of Juan Valdez® products in other national and international distribution channels began. Besides being a synonym of high quality for Colombian premium coffee consumers, Juan Valdez´s coffees transfer a greater value to coffee producers.

For more information, please visit  www.juanvaldezcafe.com and www.cafedecolombia.com

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