MHIcedTea PR ImageWith tea consumption on the rise, operators can increase profits and meet demand by serving fresh-brewed Maxwell House Iced Tea.  According to the Tea Association of the U.S., tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world after water, and approximately 85% of tea consumed in the US is iced tea[1].  

With Maxwell House Iced Tea, operators have the opportunity to lower costs and improve annual gross profits by converting drinkers of free tap water to more profitable iced tea.  Plus, with more of today’s consumers looking for a low-calorie, better-for-you alternative to carbonated beverages2, iced tea delivers the refreshing flavor consumers want that’s low in calories.

Maxwell House Iced Tea is certified Kosher and is available in several formats: loose, filter packs and dispenser packs. Customers can quench their thirst with three flavor blends:

•       House Blend – The strongest flavor profile with a more acidic bite and dryer aftertaste

•       Clarity Blend – A mostly floral flavor profile with light, crisp and clean herbal notes

•       Custom Blend – A pleasant, smoky flavor profile with a very light, smooth taste that is slightly floral

While cold, refreshing iced tea is the ideal summer drink; many consumers enjoy the crisp taste of iced tea year-round. Maxwell House Iced Tea provides an attractive beverage solution that delivers across multiple day parts and offers satisfying refreshment throughout the year.  With 80% consumer awareness3 and “good to the last drop” heritage dating to 1892, Maxwell House delivers the premium quality that consumers have come to expect, while offering operators the brand power and convenient brewing options to meet their business needs. Plus, branded equipment and merchandising support is available to qualified accounts, so you can easily show your customers your commitment to quality.  Satisfy your customers and your bottom line with fresh-brewed Maxwell House Iced Tea.  Visit to learn more and start profiting from the only Iced Tea worth the Maxwell House name.

[1] The Tea Association of the USA, 2013

2 Technomic, 2012

3 Ipsos ASI Brand Health Tracker, June 2012

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