Prana Chai – Wins #1 Best New Consumable Product @ Coffee Fest Chicago!

Prana Chai – the original, one-of-a-kind ‘wet’ masala chai blend debuted in the U.S. at Coffee Fest Chicago, June 5-7, 2015. Voted #1 Best New Consumable Product, this authentic, yet new, style of chai is in a category on its own – not comparable to existing loose leaf teas, concentrates or powders.

Prana Chai appeals to all the senses. Some try to eat it – even after learning it’s not edible. Others stick their noses in the bag for an extended stay. People who like chai, love Prana Chai. Others, initially uninterested due to a perception that chai is overly sweet, are pleasantly surprised.

Prana Chai was created by Vincent Conti and Mario Minichilli, travelers turned cafe owners, in Melbourne, Australia. Their goal was to provide an authentic, healthy and engaging chai experience without compromising service flow. The result is an honest product, hand-crafted by a beautifully simple process. Whole spices are gently cracked open with mortar and pestle, lightly toasted and blended with 100% black ceylon tea and freshly diced ginger then coated with organic honey to bring together these rich natural flavors and aromas.

No machines, strange ingredients, artificial preservatives, syrups or powders are ever used. Prana Chai is all-natural and truly made from Only The Good Stuff.

Prana Chai is a deliciously balanced and calming chai with modest sweetness that’s easily adjusted to meet a range of preferences. Flavor infusion begins in the bag minimizing steep time to the few moments needed to steam the milk. “We know how critical service flow is in high-volume cafes, but equally important for us is providing a unique experience our customers enjoy returning for and ensuring the same level of quality across all our products. We were unable to find a chai that satisfied all of that” said Vincent.

Prana Chai is being welcomed into roasters, coffee shops and cafes that share a similar mindset and attention to detail in how they craft, curate and present their coffees and other offerings.

“We love engaging with our ingredients from sourcing through production and packaging, but it’s seeing a barista’s creative finishing touches or a customer’s appreciation of the fresh ingredients caught in their strainer while pouring a chai that we find most rewarding” said Mario. “We’re part of a growing community and the relationships we value with our hospitality partners and end-users are what encourage us to spread the love and Prana Chai experience wherever we’re able.”

Prana Chai North America is based in Portland, OR. Please visit for more info or email to request your sample today!

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