International Tea Education Institute (ITEI) , Chocolate Academy and Cacao Barry® Collaborate this Fall 2015 to Teach Tea Based Chocolate Creations

ACADEMY FULL-18x14For the first time, Chocolate Masters and Tea Blending experts team up to offer unique tea inspired chocolate creation course starting with Tea & Chocolate, Chemistry, Technology and Techniques, a two full-day intensive workshop as of September 15, 2015.

Montreal, QC. Canada (PRWEB) July 06, 2015
The International Tea Education Institute- ITEI is proud to announce an exciting new tea & chocolate training program in collaboration with Chocolate Academy, one of the premier chocolate schools of the world and Cacao Barry®, the partner of creative chocolate craftsmen since 1842. Throughout an intensive two full-day workshop, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, chefs, bakers, patisseries, Gourmet & Specialties, food manufacturers, tea scholars, taste adventurers alike will learn the chemistry, technology, and technique required to marry two of the most beloved culinary joys in the world. The training will specialize in teaching students how to explore and optimize the endless affinities between tea and chocolate and gain a sound base knowledge in the masterful formulations of delectable tea-based chocolate creations.

Maintaining its commitment to provide top-notch training amongst cutting-edge tea trends, the International Tea Education Institute- ITEI is proud to announce the training will be partnered with Philippe Vancayseele, Master Chocolatier and Technical Director of Chocolate Academy. Three well-renowned Tea industry and Tea blending experts from International Tea Education Institute, Sylvana. P. Levesque, Brigitte Horrenberger and Wolfgang Boehmer, Ing., will provide an unprecedented range of tea knowledge, industry experience, flavor/ aroma and sensory evaluation insight for students to benefit. Together, the Master Chocolatier and Tea Expert team will shed light on the secrets to balance and harmony in both the tea and chocolate selection to further enhance the marriage of both, on when to use infused tea or tea powder during the creation process, how to expertly use prized matcha tea in a chocolate, how to capture a single-origin tea fragrance in a chocolate ganache and so much more during this 2-day intensive training.

I-TEI_Logo_Final_pegStudents will complete the training having discovered the multiple facets of tea and the very specific chemistry, technology and techniques behind tea-based chocolate creations. This focused and unique knowledge will empower students with an in-depth understanding of tea as a prized noble ingredient in chocolate that could be further expanded to other culinary uses. Students will complete the training with an ability to capture the specific unique tea tastes, colors, aromas and textures they want to achieve among endless chocolate possibilities.
Whether pushing the chocolate boundaries with one’s endless creativity or simply creating a successful tea-inspired chocolate, the theories, as well as applications, learned will ensure incredible results and success in this delicious and growing field.
In order to best serve students, ITEI will offer the workshops in both French and English ensuring all students will maximize their engagement by learning the skills in their preferred language. The French training will be offered September 15-16, 2015, with the English training to follow on September 17-18, 2015. Both workshops will take place daily at the Chocolate Academy in Montreal, Qc. from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. Tuition is $795 CAD including lunch with advance registration available online at:

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