Square to help Coffee Shop owners deal with paperwork

Homebase, which provides free software that helps thousands of  businesses eliminate the paperwork of managing their hourly employees, announced today it is teaming up with Square, a leading provider of payment and commerce solutions, to help coffee shop owners better mange their businesses.

Homebase’s free software will now be available to Square coffee shop owners in the Square App Marketplace, according to Homebase founder and CEO John Waldmann. Square customers utilizing Square’s Employee Management features will now have access to Homebase’s free scheduling, timesheet, and communication tools.

“We built Homebase to eliminate the paperwork and headaches of scheduling and time-tracking faced by millions of local businesses. It is 2015, and too many businesses and employees are stuck managing these critical activities on paper or excel. We are excited to make Homebase available to Square users, and provide an easy, modern, and free way to make running a business easier. ”

According to Waldmann, this integration will allow businesses to track time seamlessly across Square and Homebase.  Employees will have an easy way to clock-in and business owners will have an easy way to track hours, overtime, and tips, reducing the time and errors of payroll.  Square merchants will also have access to Homebase’s free scheduling tools, where they can publish a schedule online and send directly to their employees via text and email. Employees can manage time-off requests and trade shifts directly from a free mobile app.

According to BatSheva Vaknin, the co-owner of Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co based in Beverly Hills, the new integration has made managing her business much easier: “Like Square, Homebase is elegant, user-friendly, and intuitive. My employees clock-in right on the iPad and Homebase helps me organize their availability and time-off requests quickly and efficiently. As a business owner, I love that Homebase can text me every time an employee is late or hitting overtime. Our employees tell us over and over what a great program Homebase is for them, too.”

The Square and Homebase integration will also give business owners new visibility into their labor costs and staffing. By opening Homebase’s mobile app, business owners can see who is clocked in and track labor costs in real-time. With the addition of Square sales to Homebase, owners are now able to more accurately staff their businesses and manage their labor budgets.

According to Vaknin: “I can see exactly how much I will be spending on payroll, and understand how these payroll costs relate to our sales in Square. I have incredible control over managing my team, saving us money, time and headaches.”

Square merchants can create a free Homebase account by visiting the Square App Marketplace.  Current Homebase users can connect to their Square account by visiting the store settings in Homebase. Any business can sign up for a free Homebase account at http://www.joinhomebase.com

About Homebase

Homebase helps thousands of local businesses eliminate the paperwork of tracking and scheduling hourly work. Homebase is committed to improving life for local businesses and hourly employees, providing easy to use and free timesheets, scheduling, and communication. Homebase has helped small businesses track over $100M in payroll since its founding in 2013, and is based in San Francisco. Businesses can sign up for a free account at www.joinHomebase.com.

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