Mind fuel: Caffeinated Ideas Journal stirs creativity

Yellow Pear Press introduces a book of inspiration and ideas for the caffeinated mind from author Lisa McGuinness, with charming illustrations by Danielle Kroll. Caffeinated Ideas Journal is a book where people can jot down ideas, pen deep musings, or sketch daily thoughts and goals, all alongside actual recipes for a variety of specialty coffees and teas and inspirational quotes from the great caffeine-fueled minds of history.

Caffeine has long been lauded for its role as the fount from which creativity springs forth, and Caffeinated Ideas Journal encourages people to harness that power as they record their thoughts and intentions through a novel style. The book features, for example, Espresso Ideas, which is a place to track quick, fleeting thoughts before they leave you behind. Or try Chai Ideas, where you can write your more collected and complex concepts as you work towards a rich, fulfilling goal. Caffeinated Ideas Journal features ten unique categories that offer insight and motivation for any sort of idea that will strike a reader.

Each section of Caffeinated Ideas Journal starts with an excerpt from a creative figure on the stimulating, transformative powers of caffeine, from Gary Larson to T.S. Eliot and Johann Sebastian Bach. Following a witty description of how each idea should be used (such as Drip Coffee Ideas for ponderous deliberation), author Lisa McGuinness shares her personal favorite recipes for each type of drink to accompany and spark a writer’s ideas, all alongside French-coffeehouse style illustrations from artist Danielle Kroll.

Serious coffee-lover, Lisa McGuinness is the co-author of several children’s books including the New York Times bestseller Bee & Me and Baby Turtle’s Tale, both under the pen name Elle J. McGuinness. She is also the co-author of the Dictionary of Ordinary Extraordinary Animals and is the author of the soon-to-be published novel, Catarina’s Ring. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Danielle Kroll, is a Brooklyn based artist who brings a whimsical sensibility to everything she touches — from illustration to textiles to design. She graduated from Tyler School of Art, got her feet wet in Anthropologie’s Art Department and now works independently creating a plethora of amazing art. She is the illustrator of the Art of Vintage Cocktails. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

At 98 pages, Caffeinated Ideas Journal is perfect for the hectic mind that needs to slow down and the sleeping mind that needs to wake up. Ideas come more naturally when summoned from the powers of caffeine.
57/8” x 57/8”, 96 pages
Paperback, 96 Pages
Pub Month: May 2015
ISBN-10: 0990537005
Publisher: Yellow Pear Press

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