BeanSafe Comes Out of the Kitchen: Five Gallon Lid for Roasters

BeanSafe Comes out of The Kitchen:
Five-Gallon-Lid Solves How to Store Coffee Beans
for Roasters, Coffee Houses, Warehouses

One-Way Valve Releases CO2 Build-up,
Closes On Its Own to Keep Out Air, Light, Heat, Moisture

New York, July 21, 2015 — BeanSafe’s advanced coffee storage solutions for the home kitchen now include the same one-way valve in a Five-Gallon-Lid for coffee houses, roasters, and wholesalers.

The lid features the same pressure-release valve as the BeanSafe stainless steel coffee storage canisters for home kitchens and gourmet coffee lovers. Made of BPA-free polypropylene, the valve works on its own to release any build-up of CO2 inside, then closes to keep out air, moisture, heat or light. It does not require staff to turn anything on or off. Fitting a 3.5 to 7 gallon bucket, the lids can be efficiently used for shipping coffee and storing coffee beans awaiting sale. Five-Gallon-Lid with valve, only (not the buckets), available wholesale.

The BeanSafe Five-Gallon-Lid creates an aeration system which offers an advanced technique in solving storage and freshness issues for the large or custom quantity coffee roaster at retail or in warehouse facilities.

As air pressure rises in the canister, the valve opens on its own when a certain level is reached, and releases any gases that collect and can be destructive to the contents. Then the valve closes, keeping the canister airtight to protect and preserve the beans in an ideal atmosphere. The valve is self-sufficient and works on its own. There is no button needed to turn it on or off.

The BeanSafe Five-Gallon-Lid is designed for large buckets storing coffee beans in coffee houses, at retail and in warehouse storage facilities. The aroma released when opening the lid proves how fresh the contents keep.

About BeanSafe:
BeanSafe was named a Best New Product 2013 from Coffee Fest Show, and is just one idea in storage of edibles from Regency Products International, Inc. As coffee lovers, we explored how to get the taste of a coffee house brew, made at home. We discovered that the enemies to good tasting coffee are air, heat, moisture and light, leading to the BeanSafe one-way pressure release valve in the lid. BeanSafe home kitchen coffee storage solutions are sold on, Bed Bath and Beyond, HSN,, Target and other retailers. Now all the features for preserving 1lb. of coffee, are installed and available for larger vats up to 7-gallons at the finest roasters using the BeanSafe Five Gallon Lid. Please see

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