BeanSafe Introduces New Holiday Color Coffee Storage Canisters & Win a BeanSafe Contest

BeanSafe® Coffee Storage Solutions Introduces New Electric Color Canisters
for Holiday Giving – Plus a Pod

Before that freshly roasted cup of home brewed coffee, first –
Store your beans right!

Award-Winning Coffee Storage Canister has Patent-Pending Valve that Works on its Own To Protect Beans, Retain Freshness

New York, July 17, 2015 – BeanSafe, the award-winning coffee storage solution sold at and at Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond,, HSN, Illy, Target, Wayfair, Zabar’s, and more, has introduced four new electric colors in stainless steel in red, blue, green and purple. Every color comes with a DIY pod and a scoop. Great gifts for coffee lovers!
With coffee consumers in-the-know about choosing – and roasting — their coffee beans, BeanSafe presents a sophisticated solution for individuals who want to be known for their personal expertise in how good coffee should taste.
Taste is what BeanSafe is all about.
To make a great cup of coffee at home, the biggest barrier is in how the coffee has been stored.

Once roasted, coffee beans must be stored properly. Air, moisture, heat and light are enemies of keeping coffee fresh. Coffee in a refrigerator or freezer can absorb odors and moisture. Folded bags allow air to enter.

BeanSafe has perfected how to store coffee for the home kitchen and the roaster. With a patent-pending one-way valve, the BeanSafe lid works on its own to release CO2 build-up inside the coffee container, and then closes to protect beans or ground coffee from air, moisture, heat and light. There is nothing to turn on or off.

Win A BeanSafe! Every month, Beansafe is holding a drawing for a giveaway. See BeanSafe was named a Best New Product by the Coffee Fest Show. Available in a 1 lb. canister in food grade stainless steel with a BPA-free polypropylene lid including the valve, and other versions, Beansafe is dishwasher-safe.

At, 1lb. stainless steel coffee storage container with a scoop and a black or white lid, $24.99; stainless steel in red, purple, blue or green, with a pod and a scoop, $26.99;  BPA-free polypropylene in black or white, $18.99. A Five Gallon Lid to fit 3.5 to 7 gallon vats is available for storage at coffee roasters and warehouses. Wholesale pricing is determined by quantity.

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