Cafe Grumpy launches its first ready-to-drink bottled cold brew

July 7, 2016

Brooklyn, NY — Brooklyn-based coffee roaster Café Grumpy announces the launch of its bottled cold brew beverage. Made at their Greenpoint, Brooklyn facility, the 10 oz bottle is a ready-to-drink cold brew with no milk or sweetener added. It is the first bottled beverage released by Café Grumpy.

Cold brew is a very hot drink right now. Not literally, of course: cold brew is iced coffee made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for many hours. With lower acidity, a cleaner, more chocolaty flavor, and an electrifying amount of caffeine, it has in recent years become hugely popular as a way to make iced coffee. In the bottled beverage industry, cold brew is one of the fastest growing markets.

With many cold brew products entering the market, what sets Café Grumpy’s newest bottled beverage apart?

For one, it’s hard to find a bottled cold brew that matches the quality of a cafe’s carefully prepared small-batch cold brew. Yet this new beverage does it. “It may sound simple as the only ingredients are coffee and water, but it’s a challenge to replicate the craft-style cold brew we make in small batches, and scale up that process to produce big batches of a great-tasting beverage,” says Café Grumpy co-owner and CEO Caroline Bell. “It took us months to get it right — to source the best coffee specifically for our cold brew, create roast profiles with our roasting team, and develop the brew recipe. We are thrilled with our results and excited to share our cold brew with an audience beyond our retail cafe locations.”

The sleek bottles have a clear label that showcases the rich deep color of the coffee inside, and the text on the label is printed in Café Grumpy’s signature orange hue. The team has opted for a tall and slender recyclable plastic bottle instead of a glass bottle or can. “We wanted to make a product that is portable and approachable,” says Bell. “Customers want to grab a cold brew bottle and take it to the beach or office or gym and be able to carry it around comfortably and easily.” Plastic bottles also allow for High Pressure Processing (HPP), a natural cold pasteurization technique that does not alter the taste of the beverage like heat pasteurization can.

Café Grumpy is known as one of New York’s premier specialty coffee roasters and coffee houses. Their roasted coffee line is sold at Whole Foods Market and other specialty stores throughout the Northeast, and the new beverage line will be available at similar stores throughout the region. “We’re excited to be able to offer coffee drinkers another favorite item from our cafes” says Elisha Nuchi, the Director of Café Grumpy’s Consumer Packaged Goods Department. “Our cold brew iced coffee is by far the number one summer coffee beverage, and up to now it’s only been available to customers at our shops. Soon that will change.” And the black version is just the beginning according to Nuchi, with development of milk-based versions already underway.

Arriving just in time for the hottest part of summer, the refreshing and energizing drink launches after the July 4th weekend and will be available at Café Grumpy’s cafes and at select retailers in the New York area.

About Café Grumpy:
Founded in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2005, Café Grumpy is an independently owned and operated coffee company with an in-house roastery, a wholesale program, and seven retail locations in New York City. Café Grumpy is a Member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, Alliance for Coffee Excellence, National Coffee Association, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and is a Certified Made in Brooklyn company and Made in NYC business.

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