Next Level Coffee Grind Technology Comes Standard at MPE

CHICAGO, IL — The best just keep getting better as MPE continues to grind away at perfection by constantly making technology upgrades and improvements the new standard for their lines of gourmet and industrial coffee grinders. MPE engineers are never satisfied with what is standard, and are continually make progress in research and development. Thanks to their efforts, all MPE coffee grinders now come standard with:

High Precision Gap Encoder which provides a much higher roll gap resolution, and is more repeatable than the standard proximity gap sensors compared to the customary industry stock.

Easy Open Mixer Cover that utilizes a pneumatic assist piston, which vastly improves the safety and ease of opening grinder doors to allow for access, cleaning and maintenance.

Guide Pins on Grinding Chamber Doors allow for the doors to be hung and aligned before bolting shut, which provides an ergonomic improvement.

Through Water Cooling now provides water cooling to the core of the grinder and rolls without the use of the traditional return tubes inside the rolls. This makes a more robust system with easier maintenance.

Automatic Clean Out (ACO) wipers close to the rolls provide cleaning methods that reduce coffee build up, and allows machines to run at full optimization.

As MPE engineers continue to develop more refined technology, we continue to provide the top tier of coffee grinding equipment in the industry.

MPE is a global leader of Coffee processing equipment, with a full range of solutions for Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee processing. MPE’s category leading products such as MPE Coffee GranulizerTM and the Chain-Vey® conveyor are used by leading coffee roasting companies throughout the world. Since 1957, the MPE name is synonymous with high-quality equipment and innovative product designs. For more information about MPE’s complete line of equipment, contact Modern Process Equipment Corporation at 3125 South Kolin Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623, call 773-254-3929 or visit

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