Pure and Natural Coffee from EL VOYAGE

Megan McAstocker - EL VOYAGE Coffee Pitch ImageEL VOYAGE coffee offers a natural & pure flavor; a top quality blend across five regions of Guatemala; Rainforest Coban, Santa Rosa, Nuevo Oriente, Highland Huehuetenango and Antigua. EL VOYAGE Coffee’s roast brews into full bodied coffee with a unique aroma and acidity level that showers you with an explosion of exotic notes and rich flavors in your mouth. Tucked away in valleys and nestled between volcanos, EL VOYAGE coffee is cultivated 3,000 to 4,500 feet above sea level. It is in these climatically diverse regions where local farmers have been growing some of the world’s finest coffee for over 100 years.

Every purchase supports CGD, Coalicion Guatemalteca del Deporte. Helping transform a child’s life with each cup you drink!

For more information on EL VOYAGE coffee visit: www.elvoyage.com/coffee/

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