Cafe Imports proudly presents the brand-new podcast Opposites Extract: A Debate Podcast about Coffee

Just Meister - Opposites_Extract_Album_artworkCafe Imports is proud to present a regular weekly podcast, OPPOSITES EXTRACT: A DEBATE PODCAST ABOUT COFFEE. Since debuting in March 2016, OPPOSITES EXTRACT has skyrocketed to the top of iTunes’ FOOD charts, hitting #1 and featured as “NEW & NOTEWORTHY” in the iTunes store, with weekly streams in the thousands.

OPPOSITES EXTRACT is a debate-style show; each episode tackles a different topic of interest to coffee professionals and consumers: Show hosts and longtime coffee professionals Joe Marrocco and Erin Meister invite guest debaters to flip a coin and develop an argument to an assigned side, pro or con, to the topic. Each participant crafts a logical and reasoned argument to their assigned side, regardless of their personal opinions; at the end of the debate, the guests discuss their actual views, and talk more generally about the topic. Debate episodes run about 45 minutes.

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