Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Launches “Nitro” Cold Brew Coffee on Tap in Colorado

David Suarez - IMG_7312 (1)Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea (VMCT), one of the highest altitude coffee roasters in the world, is bringing “Craft Draft Nitro Cold Brew” coffee to Colorado.

Craig Arseneau and Chris Chantler, co-founders of VMCT, have invested time and effort to change the way their customers enjoy iced coffee.The company’s Nitro Cold Brew coffee is brewed with a highly specialized process and then charged into five-gallon kegs under pressurized nitrogen. This nitrogen charge brings out all of the coffee’s natural sweetness and creates a creamy, smooth finish, similar to a Guinness beer. VMCT’s nitrogen method is the newest and most exciting trend in the era of cold brewed coffee.

Arseneau’s and Chantler’s passion and dedication to produce the highest quality coffee, while providing their customers nothing but top-notch service, is widely known. “Nitro coffee has 25% more caffeine than the traditional cup of hot brewed coffee” states Arseneau. “There is a quicker hit of energy that has to do more with the brewing process.” “We are thrilled to bring this new coffee experience to the valley that will drive coffee sales through the hot summer months.” said Chantler.

Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea was founded in 1989 in Vail, Colorado. Chris and Craig, were early pioneers in Colorado’s specialty coffee movement. Situated at 8,000 feet in historic Minturn, Colorado, Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea is one of the highest altitude coffee roasters in the world.The deep bound moisture in its coffee vaporizes and expands at substantially lower temperatures due to the low atmospheric pressure. Roasting times and temperatures are unique, which creates exceptionally deep, rich flavor profiles, intense aromas and smoother lower acidic coffees. The company calls this roasting process its “high altitude advantage.”

Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee is the ideal summer beverage. With its naturally balanced flavor and creamy texture, you’ll find theres no need to add the usual cream, sugar and ice — it’s perfect on it’s own. But beware: you may fall in love with this amazing beverage!

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