Steven Smith Teamaker Opens in South Korea

Hot on the heels of their big new teamaking facility and tasting room in Portland’s Water District, Steven Smith Teamaker will be opening another high-profile new tasting room—in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2012, the late, legendary Portland teamaker—founder also of Tazo and Stash teas—was approached by Korean businessman Hosik Chang about exporting Steven Smith teas to South Korea.

For the past four years, Steven Smith teas were available at cafes, restaurants and hotels in South Korea, and the company has been equally popular in Japan.

But the new Smith Teamaker Cafe in Seoul will be the company’s first tasting room outside of Portland. In a phenomenon not uncommon in South Korea, the Steven Smith Korean flagship will located inside Kia Motors’ ultra-futuristic “brand experience” pavilion, Beat360.

Steven Smith’s head teamaker, Tony Tellin, visited Seoul before the cafe opened to train the Korean staff in the art of tap teas, tea lattes and tea smoothies.

For those interested in seeing more pictures what a Steven Smith tea shop looks like in South Korea, there is of course an Instagram.

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