Tea stocks sizzle on hopes of firm prices

of eleven tea companies rose by 0.67% to 7.54% at 12:08 on on reports that average auction prices for Darjeeling tea have risen in the first week of June.

Assam Company (India) (up 7.54%), & Industries (up 4.74%), (up 2.41%), McLeod Russel India (up 4.23%), Goodricke Group (up 3.24%), Diana Tea (up 0.67%), James (up 2.05%), Rossel India (up 2.76%), (up 0.8%), Andrew Yule & Company (up 3.59%) and Tata Global Beverages (up 2.02%) edged higher.

Meanwhile, the S&P Sensex was down 39.19 points, or 0.12% to 31,330.15

As per reports, initial indicators showed that average auction prices for Darjeeling tea in the first week of June rose to Rs 360.66/kg in 2017 from Rs 346.6/kg in 2016. Leaf plucking and processing activities have been suspended since the second week of June, following the political strife in the region.

A research report indicated that the current political unrest in Darjeeling is likely to impact the production and exports of the premium tea.

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