7 ways to get your matcha fix on the fly

Would you like matcha with that? If you’ve ever dreamed of getting fast food (healthy fast food, that is) with a side of  the cult fave anti-inflammatory green drink, welcome to the future.

Gone are the days of the powdered tea being relegated to the back aisles of your local health food store. Today, you can get your fix in almost everything (including lemonade, donuts, and yogurt bowls), and almost anywhere—including your friendly neighborhood Starbucks and, in some countries, in a McDonald’s McFlurry!

Health-wise, matcha has a leg up on your daily cold brew: Aside from helping clear some of that early morning fogginess and lack of energy, matcha is rich in antioxidants and has been linked to health benefits including reduced cholesterol and blood pressure. So it’s not super-surprising that grab-and-go spots like the ‘Bucks and Pret A Manger are stocking up on the green goods.

Is there anything more summery than lemonade? Maybe Starbucks’ off-the-menu matcha-fueled version. And the coffee giant’s take on the tea trend isn’t just photogenic, it’s also really, really good—with the creamy, earthy taste of matcha plus the tart-and-sweet refreshment of a ice-cold lemonade.

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