Rocky Rhodes Coming to Ponderay Idaho

Ponderay, ID: Diedrich Roasters is pleased to announce that Rocky Rhodes and his company, International Coffee Consultants, has come on board as an in-house consultant. Rocky will serve as Diedrich’s Chief Revenue Officer. Rocky will be responsible for all sales and marketing activities globally and will direct sales and marketing personnel as well as international distributors.

“Rocky brings a key piece to our sales and marketing here at Diedrich,” said Michael Paquin, President of Diedrich Roasters, LLC. “Someone of Rocky’s caliber in the coffee world; with his extensive sales and marketing experience, brings essential skills that allows us to fully serve our customers and handle our rapidly growing demand. Anyone who has worked with Rocky knows how lucky we are to have him as part of Diedrich Roasting.

If you would like more information about Rocky, or Diedrich Roasters, please reach out at And visit us at

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