La Colombe® Takes the Guesswork out of Coffee Brewing

Driven by its belief that America deserves better coffee, La Colombe has invented a way to make café-quality coffee at home, like never before. Introducing the Coffee Vault – pre-measured, precisely ground for drip, and preserved in La Colombe’s specially designed vault, under pressure, to make the perfect pot of drip coffee and extend the life by 5x.

“Our aim is to change the landscape of coffee through obsessive innovation,” said Todd Carmichael, CEO and Co-Founder of La Colombe. “We want everyone to be able to experience exceptional coffee. The Vault allows us to bring the best coffee to our home, all while removing the guess work around measuring, grinding, and freshness.”

The Vault is available in La Colombe’s house blend Corsica, a coffee beloved for its cocoa notes, which pair beautifully with milk or stand alone. Named for an ancient island in the Mediterranean, this coffee has deep, dark chocolate tones and a bold flavor, making it a great coffee for a fulfilling morning.

“We are not only offering really great coffee, but without the frustration and guesswork. With three easy steps, now brewing like a professional is simple and easy,” added Todd.

Perfectly brewed coffee made simple, with three easy steps.
• Step 1: Open the Vault and empty the contents into your drip filter
• Step 2: Pour 4 measuring cups of water into brewer
• Step 3: Brew and enjoy

Available starting June 21 – online and in select cafes – La Colombe’s Coffee Vault retails for $2 per Vault, or $14 for a pack of 8 Vaults.

For more information on the Coffee Vault visit our website or follow us on social @LaColombeCoffee.

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