Epoca International Boasts New Coffee Cafe in Their Boca Raton, FL Headquarters

Boca Raton, FL, July 13, 2017- Housewares supplier Epoca International has recently finished construction on their in-office coffee café in their Boca Raton, FL headquarters. The new café, not open to the general public, was constructed in conjunction with the company’s new, expanded office. Taking inspiration from forward-thinking companies focusing on employee-first design, Epoca’s new office addition offers employees and business guests an inspirational place in the office that reflects on and contributes to the company’s culture. Setting the tone for new, improved office design in South Florida and differentiating from a traditional office layout, Epoca’s coffee bar is the perfect place for employees to get collaborative, and also serves as a great entryway to the company’s headquarters.

The café concept naturally came to light because of the company’s coffee, tea, infusion and hydration brand, Primula. The Primula brand offers up some of the coffee and tea industry’s favorite products, including easy-to-use cold brew makers, pour over coffee drippers, teapots and thermal tumblers.

The new café features nitro cold brew coffee on tap with a customized “Primula” wooden tap handle, a live edge table for enjoying coffee and having impromptu meetings and a shelf full of the company’s hydration offerings and tumblers for guests to take when they visit the office. The café is reminiscent of a New York City coffee shop with the concrete walls, graffiti accents and industrial accents, paying homage to the company’s beginnings in New Jersey.

The café graciously welcomes guests to the new office, doubling as a reception entryway. The large windows overlook a lush, tropical courtyard directly outside the company’s main entrance.


“We are happy to offer a welcoming café for our employees and guests to enjoy,” said Brian Melzer, President of Epoca International. “It’s nice to have a collaborative environment that is a bit different than the usual office atmosphere. We’re happy to welcome business guests to our new café to enjoy a frothy cup of nitro cold brew in a Primula tumbler of their choice.”

The new café is the final addition to the company’s new office that also boasts a fully functioning photo studio, a comfortable lounge area with large, plush couches and an open office workspace to inspire collaboration, creativity and productivity.

The café was collaboratively designed by CEO Steven Melzer, President Brian Melzer, and Brand Director, Karen Northover.

About Epoca International, Inc.
Epoca International is a designer and distributor of consumer houseware products. Epoca is focused on building strong consumer brands, driving innovation and differentiation within the marketplace. Within the portfolio includes Ecolution Cookware, Primula Beverage Products and Cooking Light home goods, as well as a variety of private label retailer offerings, which are sold in over 20,000 locations in 18 countries at major retailers and online. Epoca products have been recognized for their innovative, consumer and environmental focused design, and have received honors including the 2011-2012 and 2014-2015 Good Design award from Chicago Athenaeum, a museum of architecture and design, as well as the 2017 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

To learn more about the company, please visit www.epoca.com.

Media Contact: Joshua Melzer
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

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