The Story of Coffee Begins With the People Behind It

Creating Change in the Coffee Industry Through Storytelling—Now Live on!

Levanta Coffee: The Story of Coffee Begins With the People Behind It.

July 18th, 2017 — Levanta Coffee proudly announces the launch of their funding campaign on Founded by two young entrepreneurs who met in a coffee-producing region of Honduras in 2013, Levanta Coffee is a socially-innovative start-up working to create economic opportunities for the farmers it partners with. Through its “Social Microlot Model,” Levanta Coffee provides a direct payment to coffee farmers of 50% more than the current market price.

Coffee is a 20 billion-dollar industry, responsible for the economic livelihood of 25 million people worldwide. While some farmers are succeeding financially, most are barely getting by. Year after year, despite hopes for higher prices for their harvest through types of certifications such as “organic” and “fair trade,” many coffee farmers still struggle to put food on the table for their families. However, Levanta Coffee is determined to make a positive impact on an industry it believes has not changed quickly enough.

On average, small-scale coffee producers only profit $2,000-$4,000 a year for their crop. After receiving our partner-farmers’ coffee, Levanta challenges this paradigm and provides a bonus of 50% above the value farmers would otherwise earn for their harvests. In doing so, Levanta Coffee bypasses all traditional intermediaries, paying this extra lump-sum directly to farmers. In return for this life-changing boost in income, Levanta Coffee asks them to share their personal stories with coffee drinkers around the world. Robert Durrette, co-founder of Levanta

Coffee, believes, “the stories of the farmers we have partnered with is crucial to sparking change in the coffee industry. You will learn about their hardships and struggles, but also their successes—all while we deliver you better coffee.”

Today, Levanta Coffee invites you to be a part of empowering coffee farmers around the world. By joining its pre-sale of coffee through our campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform, your morning joe will create a positive impact in their communities. As co-founder Matthew Hohler says, “we will deliver a story behind each and every cup to our customer.” Levanta Coffee’s funding goal is to reach $35,000 in 30 days or less. With this capital raised, the new business will be able to proceed to the production phase which includes roasting, bagging, and launching its full-time online store. Any extra funds raised over the initial goal will permit Levanta Coffee to invite other farmers on their waiting list to join their program and, therefore, make an even larger economic impact.


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