Industry Experts Warn New K-Cup® Pod Product Labels Are Confusing Coffee Drinkers

The Single Cup Coffee Industry has recently started adding the term “pod” to the packaging labels of plastic k-cup® coffee, tea and beverages. Confused consumers are discovering these so called “k-cup® pods” are not designed to fit in their pod coffee maker.

Kirby Newbury, CEO of claims, “We’re seeing an increase in customers buying the wrong product for their pod coffee maker because of the confusing ‘k-cup® pod’ labeling descriptions.”

Bill Barrett, CEO of White Bear Coffee, warns, “If you try to brew our round filter pack coffee “pods” in a Keurig® Coffee Maker, it will not work.”

“White Bear Coffee Pods are designed to be brewed in a single cup Pod Coffee Maker,” explains Barrett. “Plastic K-Cups® are only compatible with a Keurig® Brewing System type of machine.”

Industry experts believe there’s an immediate need for the Coffee Industry to stop confusing consumers with this inconsistent product labeling.

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