Move Over Green Tea, Matcha Is the New Health Drink

Move Over Green Tea, Matcha Is the New Health Drink

There was a time when green tea enjoyed its outing in the world of superfoods. It wasn’t long when its Japanese cousin, Matcha, entered and claimed the territory with much might. Matcha has popularly been used in the form of tea but owing to its heavyweight health benefits and a kick of unusual flavour, it has now been experimented with much enthusiasm in the world of gastronomy.”Apart from health benefits like improving moods, memory and concentration, helping you relax, aiding in weight loss, matcha has taken a diverse transformation into the culinary world with people being more conscious about what they eat,” Chef Himanshu Taneja, Director of Culinary at The St. Regis Mumbai, told IANS.

Matcha comes loaded with health benefits. It is excellent for boosting immunity and gives you an instant fix of antioxidants. From maintaining a healthy heart, balancing high cholesterol to cancer prevention and aiding weight loss and detoxing, matcha consumption promises a well-rounded fitness. Matcha enjoys stronger properties over other types of teas. It is considerably high on caffeine therefore must be had in moderation. It comes laced with catechins which boost stamina, promote weight loss and burn fat. Food experts call matcha a highly versatile ingredient that can easily be added in soups, ice creams, drinks and other food items and eatables like chocolates, desserts, et cetera.

“We, at our restaurant Sakura, serve matcha ice cream. Also, matcha-based drinks have been introduced such as smoothies, lattes, milk shakes and also alcoholic beverages,” Chef Rahis Khan of Delhi’s Metropolitan Hotel and Spa told IANS.

“The combination of flavour and nutrition that it provides is interesting”, says Smritika Sharma, Marketing Head at beverage brand RAW Pressery.

Matcha’s popularity is pacing by the day, with more and more people experimenting with its potential, matcha is soon to become a common sight, blended in the everyday and traditional food items and drinks.

Matcha has already made inroads into the world of skincare and cosmetics. “The chlorophyll present in matcha leaves acts as a powerful detoxifier which stimulates skin cells. Matcha, when applied topically, is also known to reduce sebum production and therefore is great for acne,” Marketing Head at beverage brand RAW Pressery told IANS.

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