Top 7 reasons to choose loose tea leaves over tea bags

One of the most consumed beverages in the world, tea is packed with health benefits, which are unknown to many. While some quote that drinking tea is not good for liver, some say that tea can turn your complexion dark. However, it also not green tea, black tea or lemon tea that turn our health upside down. Tea is packed with active ingredients that affect our health positively. However, addition of milk in the drink can subdue the benefits. Also, tea in the form of loose leaves is more tasty and healthy to drink, than those which come in packed sophisticated bags. Though it takes a few seconds to dip a tea bag and make a smooth brew, yet whole leaves are packed with more flavours, aroma, essential oils, health benefits, and easy to use. Also, with green tea being the trend setter of weight loss regime, sale of tea bags has gone a step higher. Here are 7 lesser known facts which state the loose tea leaves are better options over tea bags.

1. Brewing loose tea leaves is no rocket science: If better taste and higher nutrients is what you look for in your tea, keep a pack of loose tea leaves by your side. One does not need a tea specialist to brew them. Just pour hot water to a handful of loose tea leaves whenever you crave for the drink. Let the leaves steep for a few seconds and pour yourself a refreshing cup.

2. Loose tea leaves are affordable: Does your daily regime include using 2 teabags which give you 2 cups of tea? We’ve got a better option for you! 3 gms of loose tea leaves may be offering you 1 cup of tea but the same leaves can be infused multiple times. This means that a small quantity of high grade leaves can actually produce approximately 3 cups of tea or more in a day, which is really value for money.

3. Loose tea leaves have better aroma and flavour: Loose tea leaves have higher surface area than tea dust that makes a tea bag. Larger leaves have higher natural oil content and therefore those lend good flavour, pleasant scent, and more health benefits. Tea bags may add colour to the cup, but not provide with the aroma and taste for which tea is acclaimed across the world.

4. Loose tea has greater health benefits: Everyone in today’s world is trying to ensure that they remain healthy, in some way or the other. If you want to give a valuable gift to yourself or your loved ones that will help them in future, invest in loose tea leaves. Loose tea leaves can be packaged beautifully to protect its quality from moisture and sunlight by keeping it an airtight tin container and pouches. The tin helps in preserving flavours and adds an element of class. Also, loose tea leaves is packed with goodies like powerful catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols. A cup of tea lowers the risk of certain cancers. It also helps in weight loss, reduce cholesterol, and boost immune system.

5. Loose tea leaves aid in speedy weight loss: Green tea is the father of all eatables that contribute to a powerful weight loss program. However, those who take the drink everyday can wonder why weight loss process isn’t as fast he expected it to be? It is because of the limited nutrients he receive from tea bags. Most of the high quality loose tea leaves come straight from plantations on high altitudes, making them rich in anti-oxidants and life giving nutrients which give you health benefits such as weight loss, stress relief, anti-aging, to name a few. To maximize the weight loss effect, opt for loose tea leaves.

6. Loose tea is better, not bitter: Be it green tea or black tea, loose tea is better and not bitter. Wait until the brew of high quality loose leaves of green tea is over. This possess a distinct taste and sweet aroma, thanks to the weather and soil conditions of the plantations they grow in. Tea bags, on the other hand consist of ‘dust and fannings’ which are essentially the leftovers from tea production. Since tea in bags are smaller in size, they evaporate quickly and end up losing their essential oils. They also release more tannin, which gives the tea a bitter and astringent taste.

7. Loose tea has more varieties to explore: Tea bags suffer from lack of variety feature. Tea in general comprises of four types- black, white, green, and, oolong. All of these types yield different varieties since it is grown in different parts of the world. Also, loose tea is available in large portion, so more is its variety.

Loose tea is definitely not expensive. The price will fit the pocket and its freshness, aroma and quality will perfectly fit into our health and taste regime.

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