Need a new beverage? Tea Guys unveils sparkling drink

Need a new beverage? Tea Guys unveils sparkling drink

WHATELY — Tea Guys has carbonated and bottled its brand into a refreshing sparkling tea.

“People are looking for a healthier alternative to drink daily, and that’s what our sparkling teas are to us,” announced Tea Guys Founder Oliver Rich about a new line of six sparkling tea varieties. Rich described local tea-drinking connoisseurs, who were the first ones introduced to the new product, as “a vibrant audience. We’re in the right location. In terms of consumption, New England consumes the most amount of tea.”

Compared to an average 12-ounce can of soda, which has roughly 140 calories and 40 grams of sugar, Tea Guys’ sparkling blends have about 70 calories with 20 grams of sugar. And there’s no substitution for taste, the company says, as complex blends linger on the pallet, rich in natural flavor from cold-pressed and custom-blended tea leaf mixtures.

“There’s a lot of science, and art, and craft, and trial and error. We brew it like a beer, and then we’re cold pressing it. We’re not adding flavor. We are, like a beer, putting in the raw materials, and that’s how we create the flavor. It’s a crossover product — a healthy alternative to soda and energy drinks,” Rich said.

Sparkling teas are the latest in the company’s 15-year history, the last three of which have been on Christian Lane in Whately. They are advertised as “low-calorie with low- or no-caffeine, made with natural ingredients, lightly sweetened with cane sugar, and bottled in recycled glass bottles,” a statement says. Each batch is made by hand and kept small for quality control. It’s later combined with sparkling water, best served chilled.

Tea Guys sparkling teas are available in pomegranate pear ginger, hibiscus raspberry currant, strawberry kiwi apple, watermelon lime basil (which has many ingredients, including carrots), peach lemon mango, and half and half (black tea and lemonade).

As part of the teas’ release, Tea Guys was on hand at this past weekend’s Green River Festival, serving teas via fountain soda machines.

“Tea is great with everything,” Rich said. “They’re great mixers. They play well with alcohol or other drinks. In terms of tea companies we’re not the largest, but we can compete nationally because of the breadth of our product.”

Among other offerings, Tea Guys sells loose leaf teas, tea bags, and iced tea blends. Products can be sampled and purchased in stores throughout the northeast, including large chains like Big Y, and at the company’s headquarters, 110 Christian Lane.

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