New App Allows Local Coffeeshops To Give Preorder Option And Rewards To Clients

JoJo App Allows Customers to Pre-Order Coffee from Independent Coffee Shops

Coffee-lovers will no longer need to compromise quality for convenience. The initiative should also boost the business of independent shops and help them to compete with big chains.

Vancouver, Canada, July, 2017 – JoJo is announcing the launch of their app for hassle-free independent coffee on the go. The app will allow customers to top up their JoJo wallet via credit cards and then use this wallet to pre-order coffee alongside various other beverages and food items from their favorite independent coffee outlets, thus saving time and hassle.

Many individuals like to support small businesses and prefer independent coffee shops over large chains such as Starbucks. Ordering from indie outlets, however, can mean losing precious time from your already busy day waiting in lines. Time lost waiting in lines at coffee shops costs U.S. consumers $4 billion every year and the typical coffee drinker loses more time waiting in line at Starbucks than in traffic congestion.

JoJo allows individuals to retain the level of convenience they see in big coffee chains such as Starbucks whilst supporting local businesses and without compromising on quality. They will also be incentivized with 2 JoJo ‘beans’ every time they spend a dollar; 120 beans wins a $5 dollar reward to spend in any coffee shop within the JoJo Partner Network.

“We want to make getting a caffeine fix faster and easier than ever before whilst helping local independent coffee shops to compete with the franchise giants”, Vivek Zaveri – Founder & CEO of JoJo.

Use of mobile wallets is increasingly popular with Millennials. A 2016 study showed that nearly half of 18-34 year olds had made an NFC payment in the last year and that the number of outlets accepting mobile payments is steadily growing. Sales on mobile order-ahead apps in the QSR industry is projected to reach $38B by 2020. These programs have also been shown to intensify customer loyalty and increase purchase frequency.

The issue is that this technology is only accessible and affordable for well-funded coffee chains. Although some independent shops have developed their own apps to attract ‘convenience’ customers, the lack of scale in terms of locations means that these apps are not very useful, and thus not worthy of giving up valuable real estate on mobile phones. The financial investment to develop an app is also very high, meaning that many shops cannot compete. JoJo is putting this technology at the disposal of small/independent coffee shops, giving them a chance to take on the giants of the industry and their ordering apps.

Existing apps offering a similar service run on a subscription model and are therefore only relevant to heavy coffee-drinkers. They also require customers to show their code at the checkout. JoJo allows the customer to preorder and prepay their coffee, sends them notifications when order is ready, and allows them to pick it up with little to no interaction with cafe staff – saving time and stress. JoJo’s plug-and-play technology platform also gives merchants control over the order queue, inventory management, and order acknowledgement – alongside other real-time analytical data.

“JoJo’s mission is to level the technological playing field between large franchise chains and indie coffee shops so that local coffee shops can compete effectively against the mega-chains”, added Zaveri.

JoJo is a coffee-ordering app which means getting your caffeine fix faster and easier than ever whilst still using your local coffee shop. Using JoJo’s virtual wallet you pre-order coffee at your favorite cafe and then skip the dreaded lines. With JoJo, coffee-lovers can now drink the best coffee available with the convenience only seen in big coffee chains. Better coffee, less stress! JoJo is also levelling the playing field, helping independent coffee shops to compete with giants such as Starbucks.

Name: Jim Glade
Phone: 1-646-480-0356

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