La Colombe® Introduces Two New Plant-Based Draft Latte© Flavors

Made with real, non-GMO project verified coconut milk, La Colombe is now offering a Coconut Milk Draft Latte and a Coconut Milk Mocha Draft Latte

(Philadelphia, June 27, 2017) – La Colombe, a leading coffee roaster and ready-to-drink coffee disruptor, has unveiled its newest innovation — Coconut Milk Draft Latte and Coconut Milk Mocha Draft Latte. The Draft Latte is a first-of-its-kind, ready-to-drink coffee beverage that delivers the full taste and texture of a true cold latte. With over 25,000 points of distribution, La Colombe is leading category dollar velocity growth and its new innovations are now available nationwide just in time for cold coffee season.[1]

For La Colombe ingredients matter. The coconut milk is sourced sustainably from mature coconut trees grown on family-owned farms in Sumatra, Indonesia. Completely hormone free, the new plant-based Draft Lattes have just 5g of added sugar and are a good source of iron and excellent source of vitamin D. They are made with non-GMO ingredients, and have the equivalent caffeine of 2 and a quarter cups of coffee.

La Colombe’s two plant-based offerings include:

Coconut Milk Mocha Draft Latte: Cold-pressed Nizza espresso, frothed coconut milk sourced from Sumatra, natural and dark chocolate, and a pinch of sugar.
Coconut Milk Draft Latte: Cold-pressed Nizza espresso, frothed coconut milk from Sumatra, and a pinch of cane sugar. Pure and simple.
“We have over two decades of R&D, serving plant-based alternatives in our café,” said Todd Carmichael, CEO and Co-Founder of La Colombe. “And although I practice science without a license, I am uniquely qualified to say, the natural fat content in coconuts make for the perfect frothed texture to mix with espresso.”

These new varieties will join Draft Latte’s existing lineup, which includes the original Draft Latte, Vanilla Draft Latte, Mocha Draft Latte, Triple Draft Latte, and Chai Draft Latte. La Colombe also produces a non-textured, ready-to-drink coffee: Pure Black®, a canned cold-pressed coffee.

Draft Latte — the revolutionary cold coffee beverage — delivers a completely unique, cafe-style drinking experience thanks to a patent-pending process invented by La Colombe’s Co-Founder Todd Carmichael. Using the InnoValve™ can, this process brings the foam traditionally found in a hot latte to the refreshingly cold and portable, ready-to-drink Draft Latte can.

La Colombe, which has full control over the production process from concept to can, owns a 55,000-square foot production facility in western Michigan. The new facility has allowed La Colombe to more readily meet the growing demand for Draft Latte, which produces more than 30,000 cases per week.[2]

For more information on Draft Latte, the nutritional value, or to find out which retailers is carrying the can, visit our website or follow our cans’ adventures across the United States using #DraftLatte.

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