How Cafe Kreyol Saves $70 worth of Coffee with BlueCart

CEO Joey Stazzone started Cafe Kreyol after being inspired by a church mission trip to Haiti after the earthquake. The mission trip opened his eyes to the depravity of the Haitian population. Being that there was a 65% unemployment rate in Haiti, Stazzone decided he wanted to give these people a new opportunity to carry out Cafe Kreyol’s purpose. Cafe Kreyol employs 1,500 people in Haiti, and uses the same Direct Trade model to source micro-lots from Honduras, Colombia, Bolivia, Burundi, and the D.R. Stazzone prides himself on being able to pay his farmers up to 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires. Cafe Kreyol believes that quality and sustainability are symbiotic. Being that BlueCart also stands for giving their customers a quality platform that prevents food waste and reduces a businesses carbon footprint, Cafe Kreyol and BlueCart were a match made for success.

“We are able to focus more on sales and growing our business.”
Joey Stazzone CEO @ Cafe Kreyol

Before ordering with BlueCart, Cafe Kreyol expressed that orders were unclear sometimes, which would lead to people receiving the wrong product or none at all. With the use of BlueCart, the co ee supplier has now saved at least 1 hour and 20 minutes on order time and dealing with returns each week. They used to process 1-3 returns a month and now they experience zero returns. In addition, Cafe Kreyol saves $70 per month in returns by wasting less co ee thanks to BlueCart’s order accuracy. Stazzone explains, “When we take a product back we can’t use it to send back out. It must be donated. On average we were losing around $70 per month in returned co ee and now we have virtually nothing.”

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