Hong Kong’s Coffee Academïcs unveils coffee cocktails

Lai, owner of a slew of Hong Kong’s eclectic bars including Quinary, Origin and The Envoy, has crafted a total of six coffee-infused cocktails, mixing coffee beans, espresso with a range of ingredients.

The Coconut Brew, described as “a tropical paradise” is a mix of cold brewed coffee, coconut water, vodka, coconut syrup, mint and pineapple. The Morning TCA is a fragrant cocktail featuring coffee, pandan syrup, gin, rosso and pandan leaves.

A concoction of vodka, espresso and Kahlua coffee liquor, the TCA Espresso Martini is garnished with coffee beans, while the Rum Raisin boasts vanilla ice cream, an espresso shot, rum, milk and cinnamon powder, served in a Champagne glass.

Another two creations are the Cascara Collins with cascara mix, vodka, soda water, grapefruit and mint, and the TCA Old Fashioned with whisky, cascara syrup, bitters and orange zest peel.

Chairman and CEO of The Coffee Academïcs, Jennifer Liu, commented: “We are extremely happy with turning modern cold coffee concoctions (cold brew, nitro, cascara, water wash decaf) into innovative cocktails with an award winning mixologist to introduce evening time coffee moment when people normally associate coffee with the mornings.

“The global trendsetters in specialty coffeehouses are moving towards this direction. TCA is happy to be one of them. All these great creations are available from 6pm onwards.”

On the collaboration, Antonio added, “I love having the chance to create new cocktails and I have heard great things about The Coffee Academïcs. I wholeheartedly agree with their philosophy of creating a sensory playground for coffee lovers as that is what I have always tried to do through my mixes.”

The cocktails will be available in August and are priced at HK$78 for a small size and HK$88 for a large one.

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