Starbucks Asia’s New Green Tea Yogurt Frappuccino Has…

The color green is often associated with the feeling of envy, and that perfectly expresses our feelings about not being able to order this exciting new Starbucks drink. It is called the Green Tea Yogurt Frappuccino and not only is green in the name, but also the whole Frappuccino is bright green from top to bottom. This new Frappuccino, along with two others, will be available in Asia in honor of the peak of summer. Though we are not able to taste it in America, for those of you who are still interested in know what exactly you’re missing, we’re going to break it down for you.
The Green Tea Yogurt Frappuccino is a layered drink that contains matcha-infused yogurt and swirls of green tea syrup. The two elements come together to create a camouflaged look inside the clear Starbucks cup that is visually gorgeous. The whole thing is topped with a lovely dollop green tea whipped cream and a generous sprinkle of matcha powder. The vibrant shades of green certainly evoke a summertime vibe.

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