Quick Heated Server Fix to Dispense Hot Fudge & Caramel from Pouches

Richfield, WI (July 2017) – Several major fudge and caramel providers have either switched or plan to switch from packaging in #10 cans to packaging in 48 oz pouches. The benefits of this transition are numerous to packagers, food manufacturers and operators from an environmental, economical, operational and food quality standpoint.

The initial challenge for operators who have been dispensing hot fudge and caramel from a #10 can using Server Products’ FSP Server is now the pump does not interface directly with the new pouches. Server Products offers a quick and economical solution by utilizing a Can2Pouch Conversion Kit (81184) to modify your existing FSP Server, enabling it to connect directly to the new 48 oz pouches. The modification takes only a few minutes and no tools are required. For more information, visit www.can2pouch.com or contact Server directly at 800-558-8722 or spsales@server-products.com.

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