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BSitting on stone, 40 feet below ground level in Northern Ethiopia, staring up at the great stonework of King Lalibela, the 12th century King of Ethiopia, you are struck deeply with the majesty of this place and a profound sense of wonder. Chipped by hand with simple tools, over 28 years King Lalibela oversaw the construction of his New Jerusalem. To avoid it befalling the same fate of the recently destroyed Jerusalem, in Israel, he had the three story buildings carved down into the native stone. Built entirely from single massive stone outcroppings, the complex of 14 churches, and other structures, including Lalibela’s own palace can only leave you in silent awe.
So, ask yourself, how many of us in the coffee industry have seen this site? Even though so many of us have been to Ethiopia on business, my guess is not many have really seen Ethiopia. We fly to origin with one purpose – to see and rate coffee. Then we hurry back to Addis and back to work.
Here is the profound question, how can we say we are more than mere traders if we do not take time to truly understand the countries where we buy coffee? Thinking of Ethiopia as only coffee is not doing justice to Ethiopia and the people who grow the coffee; their values, history, and hopes.
From this question, CoffeeTalk developed and launched Coffee Adventure Travel (CAT for short) to explore this gap in our understanding of the origins of coffee, and what better place to start than Ethiopia, the origin of coffee itself. Join us for 14 days and 11 nights of adventure in the land of Kaldi. The trails and climbs are difficult; the vistas are incredible; the range of culture is mind-blowing; and the coffee is beautiful.
Of course, we will travel to Sidamo and Yirgalem to visit cooperatives and farms and we will experience the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony many times in many ways. We will have the ultimate coffee experiences mixed with extraordinary life experiences.
CoffeeTalk is partnering Group International Specialty Travel, one of the most respected international travel companies, Ethiopian Airlines, and Ethiopian Travel Adventures to bring you the most wonderful experiences and cultural adventures. Come along, there is only room for 20 guests so act quickly.
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CoffeeTalk is excited to announce Coffee Adventure Travel, hosted by Miles and Kerri Small of CoffeeTalk Magazine!

Our first trip is Ethiopia & the Birth of Coffee: 
Exploring the origins of Coffee, from Kaldi and Beyond
11 hotel nights / 14 days $6399 (based on double occupancy)


• Round trip non-stop flight aboard Ethiopian Airlines new Boeing 777 inclusive of fuel surcharge and air tax from Washington D.C. to Addis Ababa.
• Four internal Ethiopian flights inclusive of fuel surcharges and taxes.
• Private tour of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative.
• Private tour of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative.
• Enjoy special seating at the Ethiopian Coffee Commodity Exchange in Addis Ababa.
• Visit four distinct tribal villages and be amazed of their lifestyle, social infrastructure that is reminiscent of bygone eras.
• Visit the colorful weekly Key Afer market, a congregation of various tribes trading their wares.
• Cruise on Lake Chamo for an up-close look at hippos and crocodiles.
• Cruise Lake Tana with its 37 islands, 30 islands have churches and monasteries.
• Visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
• Gondar, considered the “Camelot of Africa”, an old imperial capital from 1635.
• Lalibela the “Petra of Africa”, known for its majestic 12th century rock hewn churches.
• Addis Ababa, with its spectacular museums and churches.
• Private seating at the Ethiopian Coffee Commodity Exchange in Addis Ababa.
• Traditional Ethiopian dinner with entertainment at a local restaurant..
• 11 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches, 12 Dinners
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