Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company Foregoes Coffee Trends for Coffee Perfection

WoodFireRoastedRENO, Nev.(Aug, 2013) — In the world of coffee roasting, there are trendsetters; there are the trendy; and then there’s Tim Curry. His commitment to meticulously roasting custom blends in small batches would be enough to make him an artisan. But Tim doesn’t stop there. He’s the sort of passionate craftsman who will tinker with something til it’s perfect. That’s why he roasts every batch of coffee over an oak-wood fire. His Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company is one of under a dozen wood-fire roasters in the country.
Tim’s a straight-up kind of guy who doesn’t bother decorating his coffee with metaphors. When he says, “The coffee talks,” he means he’s literally tuned in to the sound of the roasting beans. “When it cracks, it sounds like popcorn,” he says. That’s the coffee telling him it’s perfect.
If it seems a devoted perfectionist like Tim might call his coffee “exclusive,” he says his small-batch specialty coffees are for everyone. He has happy client in flip-flops, happy clients in suits, long-time coffee connoisseurs, folks who are new to the idea of an exquisite cup of coffee, and everyone in between. Not to mention restaurants like Great Basin Brewing Company and Dish Cafe in Reno, and coffeehouses like Artisan Coffee in Janesville, Calif., and On Sacred Grounds Coffee and Tea in Valleyford, Wash.
Here’s what Tim’s customers are saying:
I have to tell you, this is the smoothest coffee I’ve ever tasted in my life. Drizzle-silk-on-a-milky-bed-of-goose-feathers smooth. Pinot noir-nitrogenated-Irish-ale smooth. — Louis D
We are so lucky to have Tim and his Roaster in Reno. I haven’t really enjoyed a store-bought coffee drink in years, and it’s all his fault. — Bishop T
WoodFireRoasted4And here’s what Tim says. He doesn’t spend much time thinking about iced lattes or single-cup brewing or any other recent coffee trends. Pointing into a steaming cup, Tim announces with conviction, “I focus on THAT. Everything I do is about the cup.”
Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company ignores trends and sells superlative coffee beans, visit WoodFireRoasted.com or call 775-856-2033.

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