Sydney Roast Works Runs On Solar Power

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Coffee roasting company Single Origin Roasters has installed solar panels at its Roast Works to power its production, cupping lab and training facility.
94 solar panels are currently generating enough power to offset its total electricity usage between 7am and 2pm, which is when 90% of the company’s operation takes place.
The suns rays are effectively turning the drums of the roasters, driving the forklift and supporting the packing. In the training facility they are powering the machines including their Kees Van de Westen Spirit, and their Ditting, Mahlkonig and Mazzer grinders. In the cupping lab, solar is powering the 4-barrel sample roaster, Bunn hot water towers and the LED cupping table lighting grids.
The company’s Dion Cohen says ‘Sunny days are now even sweeter.’
‘Along with taking our various readings, be it roaster drum, exhaust and afterburner readings, Agtron, TDS, green bean moisture meter readings and so forth, these new solar digital displays give us a reading of watts generated from our solar. Fulfilling stuff!’
Single Origin Roasters has been roasting for leading cafes around Sydney and Australia for almost 10 years. Its Surry Hills café and brew bar are consistently listed amongst Sydney’s best coffee and cafes.
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