Path Coffee Roasters Continues to Earn Rave Reviews

New Small Batch Coffee Brand Stands Out In Today’s Competitive Third-Wave Coffee Market

Path Coffees CuppingAugust 15, Port Chester, NY: Introducing PATH COFFEE ROASTERS a New York based micro-roaster committed to sourcing coffees that embody all the best flavors and characteristics of a particular growing region. Path coffees are ideal for discerning consumers and quality food service establishments. Creators Jason Richter, a fourth generation coffee roaster, and Johnny Steverson, a seasoned coffee roaster and hospitality industry beverage program director , have created the Path Coffee Roasters brand to further answer the call for handcrafted premium coffee for today’s demanding marketplace. The first Path coffees were introduced in April of 2013.
Continually cupping a wide variety of coffees from some of the most exceptional coffee regions and farms across the globe, select coffees are roasted in small, 30 pound batches under the watchful eyes of Jason and Johnny, ensuring a consistent and quality product that delivers a superior flavor profile. Path is dedicated to providing a nuanced and rich product for coffee lovers, as well as educating and creating a dialogue for both coffee fans and the novice coffee drinker.
Because Path Coffee Roasters feel that education is important to their customers, and because it’s just plain fun, consumers and hospitality industry professionals can participate in Path conducted coffee classes, part of an on-going series on how to look for, taste, brew and purchase awesome coffee.
Packaging highlights the origins and flavor profiles of each coffee. Seasonal coffees currently being offered:
Our Finca Potosi, Colombia coffee is from the Valle De Cauca region of Colombia. It boasts wonderful flavors of cherry, cocoa and citrus fruit. Grown at altitudes between 1450-1650m these Caturra and Typica varietals are some of the best Colombians we’ve come across in a long time.
Our micro-lot San Juanillo, Costa Rica comes from the Naranjo region and is carefully produced by Carlos Haug and his family. Carlos is a third generation coffee farmer who follows the traditions passed down from his ancestors. Agricola San Juanillo is located in the San Juan region of Naranjo where the climate is perfect for producing coffee with an intense, sweet cup. There are notes of sweet balanced lemon, toasted pretzel and cocoa.
Our Sidamo, Ethiopia is the perfect example of what makes this region so unique. Wonderfully rich with a unique hint of ripe blueberry in the background, and balancing this heirloom coffee is the perfect amount of lemon citrus notes. We knew once we put this coffee on the table to cup it that we wanted it on the menu. It was just love at first taste!
Crosshatch is a distinct blend of Central American and African coffees. This unique but approachable blend is well balanced with flavors of salted caramel and fruit compote.
Feather in Cap is an espresso we spent a lot of time developing in order to create a roast that was not only tasty, but surprisingly unique. This espresso will jump out at you and make you question your idea of what an espresso should taste like. The flavors are most closely associated with buttered toast, brown sugar and currant.
We wanted to source a clean tasting, rich decaf that came across as a true caffeinated coffee. We landed on a wonderfully smooth Colombian Mountain Water Processed decaf that does exactly that. For decaf coffee drinkers, this is definitely the one to try
Specializing in everything from pour-over to espresso, Path Coffee Roasters not only provides the coffee, but also the tools to build a successful coffee program. Path outlines recommended brewing techniques for their coffees that will allow end users to better maintain the integrity of the coffee and bring out each coffee’s distinctive flavor profile. Path’s small batch roasting ensures freshness, as does its heat-sealed and one-way valve (allows CO2 gas out of the bag while preventing O2 from getting in) packaging. All Path coffees come in 5 lb whole bean craft bags or 12 oz. retail bags.

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