New SCAA Certified Cupping Lab In Sydney

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Sydney based coffee roaster Single Origin Roasters has gained SCAA certification of its cupping laboratory, located above the company’s roast works in Botany.
An SCAA International Inspector carried out the rigorous evaluation of the lab to ensure it met the association’s strict standards regarding environment requirements such as full spectrum lighting and ventilation, as well as lab material requirements, including water specifications, precision grinders and scales, and educational materials.
Single Origin Roasters is the third certified lab in Australia.
Along with continuing to use the space for its own education program and coffee evaluation work, Single Origin Roasters also plans to host courses and classes from the SCAA and CQI programs.
The first of these offerings is a CQI Q Grader course scheduled for mid-October.
The company looks forward to providing an environment for Q Grading, enabling the growth of the skilled and credible body of specialty coffee cuppers to consistently and accurately assess coffee quality.
Andrew Hetzel, a CQI Q/R Grader Instructor and coffee educator with experience spanning across 35 countries, will lead the Single Origin Roasters Q Grader course. Taking place 15th – 20th October, the 6-day course will be in the updated 4.0 format and emulate the teaching method practiced by SCAA. The exam comprises 22 sections on coffee related subjects including green bean grading, roast identification, coffee cupping, sensory skills and sensory triangulation.
Regarding the newly certified lab, Single Origin Roasters’ Coffee Buyer Wendy De Jong says “The lab is providing coffee education at various levels. To date, along with our evaluation work, it’s been a place for our wholesale clients to bridge the gap between what they do day to day in their cafes, with what coffee producers do. Now we look forward to having a place where coffee professionals can sharpen their skills, and improve their quality evaluations, which we believe makes the whole specialty industry stronger.”

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