Tasty New Franchise Opportunity Brews In Pueblo, CO

Solar Roast Coffee = Better Coffee, Energy-Efficient Roasting And Successful Coffee Cafe Formula For Entrepreneurs Who Want A Business On The Upswing

image001Pueblo, Colorado: – Based in Pueblo, Colorado, a trio of dedicated entrepreneurs have developed a proprietary energy-efficient coffee roasting technique called Solar Aroma Roasting and built a thriving coffee cafe format on the results and have now turned it into a franchise opportunity.
Pursuing the ultimate green-technology approach to making better coffee, Mike and brother Dave carefully developed Solar Aroma Roasting over the last 9 years. What kept them driving the process forward was the unmistakeable fact that their unique roasting technique produces coffee that is unusually smooth and flavorful. Even more noticeable is the tasty reward that it has none of the typical coffee aftertaste or bitterness. For everyone that enjoys coffee, the differences are evident from the first sip. They knew they had a winner with Solar Aroma Roasted coffee.
Their success formula for Solar Roast Coffee as a destination entails using authentic, trained and certified coffee baristas, using manual coffee makers instead of automated machines and pairing their artisan coffees with healthy and tasty food selections made with fresh and healthy ingredients.
For Artisan Master Roaster Mike Hartkop, success has also come from selecting the finest “organic certified” coffee beans from different regions all over the world. Then they use their patent-pending Solar Aroma Roasting technique in “single origin” batches so the flavors are preserved and presented with their unique flavor profiles intact. If it sounds like a lot of work – it is. But thats why their list of dedicated customers grows larger every week.
According to Master Roaster Mike, “We pride ourselves in creating unique blends and selecting unique single origin beans. The high quality of our coffee and blends, coupled with our proprietary Solar Aroma Roasting technique enables me to create truly remarkable and exotic flavors not available anywhere else. And it’s always smooth, not bitter or burnt tasting.
The national franchise program for Solar Roast Coffee officially launched on January 9, 2013, when they unveiled their plans and unique solar-powered roasting opportunity to top franchise brokers around the country. The captivating story behind Solar Roast Coffee has now been rolled out to brokers and prospective franchisees throughout North America!
Franchise Development Director Don Carpenter is excited about the business opportunities ahead for Solar Roast because of these key attributes:

  • Patent-pending green technology (Solar Aroma Roasting)
  • 100% Certified Organic Business
  • Superb quality of their coffee and food
  • The healthy growth of the specialty coffee sector overall
  • The fact that this is a turnkey opportunity

According to Carpenter, “Solar Roast Coffee has all the best ingredients of a brand you want to invest in: the store footprint and floor plan flexibility with or without drive-through allows Solar Roast placements ranging from strip mall locations to free standing buildings. We have special military financing, 401k conversions and other creative financing programs for people that would like to control their destiny and own their own green technology business.” The franchise options are for master territories as well as individual locations nationwide. For more information and free samples Don Carpenter can be contacted at don@solarroast.com.

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