Automatic Brewers and Coffee Devices®, INC. and LBP Manufacturing Build Lasting Partnership

Family-Owned Coffee Packaging Company Helps Bring LBP’s UpShot™ Solution to Market span

Single CupperCICERO, Ill., July 24, 2013ABCD has partnered with LBP Manufacturing, Inc. to co-pack Upshot single-serve coffee filters, for customers looking for a new and innovative option.
LBP, a leader in consumer-preferred, sustainable on-the-go packaging, recently launched the UpShot Solution, a line of eco-friendly, single-serve filters paired with a flexible production model that allows roasters, office coffee service, foodservice, retailers and brands to take advantage of the booming single-serve beverage market.
The UpShot Filter is compatible with Keurig® and other single-serve brewers* and is made from 100 percent polypropylene, making it recyclable along with other #5 plastics.** The unique filter features a proprietary mesh that allows customers to see and smell the coffee or tea from the moment they open the fresh seal outer packaging, delivering a full sensory experience.
“ABCD has been providing the original single-serve format with its PodPerfect® line and has an extensive history and quality reputation in the coffee industry,” said Bill Rickert, vice president of sales, UpShot Solution. “LBP prides itself on the fact that the UpShot Solution is a next-generation offering, and ABCD helped turned the concept into a reality for several of our customers.”
“The Upshot Solution made it easy for ABCD to successfully launch a much-desired business model for smaller roasters with premium beans and blends. We focus not only on providing a final product to the customers exact specifications, but also the fact the Upshot Filter brews a better cup of coffee and has a strong sustainable message, both things our customers desire and value,” said Bob Melikian, Owner of ABCD.
While ABCD has been producing PodPerfect® Espresso and Filter Coffee pods for more than 30 years, it is through the collaboration with LBP that ABCD has launched the Single Cupper® co-packing process, which involves grinding whole coffee beans, packing the grinds in individual UpShot Filters, and properly sealing the filters to ensure consistency of quality and flavor.
Thus far, ABCD’s co-packing process for the UpShot Solution has helped not only a premier east coast coffee franchise, Saxbys Coffee, enter the single-serve market, but also many boutique coffee roasters, including:

  • Kilambé Coffee, a socially and environmentally conscious roaster that sells specialty gourmet organic coffee online;
  • Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee, a unique coffee and lifestyle brand.

About LBP Manufacturing & UpShot™ Solution

For more than 80 years, Chicago-based LBP Manufacturing, Inc. has combined innovation and performance to develop consumer-preferred, sustainable, on-the-go packaging. LBP harnesses innovation in material science, equipment and converting technology to meet varying demand of consumer packages for its customers. LBP is widely known for its hot beverage solutions such as the original Coffee Clutch® hot cup sleeve, Beverage on the Move™ insulated beverage to-go carrier and THERMO GRIP™ double-wall hot cups. LBP launched the UpShot™ Solution in September 2012 – a line of eco-friendly, single-serve filters paired with a flexible production model that allows roasters, office coffee service, foodservice, retailers and brands to take advantage of the single-serve beverage market. The company has been honored with a 2013 NAMA Innovation Award, Havi Good Neighbor Award and a 2012 Starbucks Supplier of the Year Award. For more information about LBP, visit For more information on the UpShot Solution, find us on Twitter @UpShotSolution, Facebook/UpShotSolution or visit

About ABCD
65 years ago, ABCD was founded by industry pioneer, inventor, and entrepreneur K. Cyrus Melikian. Today, the company continues on as a family-owned business working to provide the growing foodservice industry with espresso pod co-packing technologies and efficient manufacturing processes. With advanced facilities found in West Conshohocken (suburban Philadelphia), ABCD has acted as the co-packer of PodPerfect® biodegradable paper pods for over 30 years. Now, an official co-packer for those interested in the UpShot Solution, ABCD continues to grow and discover within the single-serve category. For further information, visit

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