AeroPress® Sales Continue to Grow by Leaps and Bounds

AeroPress New PhotoSales of the AeroPress® coffee maker continue to grow by leaps and bounds around the world. The product is now sold in over 50 countries where it excites coffee aficionados with the control it permits of the brewing process.
The AeroPress has even inspired its own increasingly popular annual World AeroPress Championship. This year at the 6th annual Championship, national champions from 14 countries went head to head during the International Coffee Expo in Melbourne, Australia to see who could produce the tastiest cup of AeroPress-brewed coffee. The panel of judges awarded the first-prize “golden AeroPress” trophy to Jeff Verellen of Belgium, the “silver AeroPress” for second place to Wille Yli-Luoma of the USA, and the “bronze AeroPress” for third place to Tibor Várady of Hungary.
The AeroPress coffee maker produces one to four cups of coffee using a rapid total immersion brewing process that makes amazingly smooth, rich coffee without bitterness.
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