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The NAMA Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) is something very new to this industry. Its basic foundation is something that should be mirrored by other industries. It is one giant step in the right direction to making an industry ever lasting, and flourishing as new generations come and go and leave their marks in an organization.

While the ELN is still in the works, it is already making a positive impact. This group is just that, a network. A network that is absolutely necessary in creating something spectacular. Here is what they have been up to recently!

Since the original launch, membership has increased to roughly about 100 members. Their LinkedIn site has more then 71 followers. This site allows the ELN membership to stay up to date and receive information in a matter of seconds. Paul Tullio, ELN Chair, says, “Having the network allows us to address the issues on a broader scale both locally and nationally.”

The Launch of the Steering Committee
Recently, The NAMA ELN has announced the formation of the Emerging Leaders Network Steering Committee. The committee was formed this year just before the NAMA OneShow in Chicago on April 9, 10, and 11. The show had over 4,300 people in attendance. So far, there are 14 members in collaboration to ensure that the implementation of this committee goes as smoothly as possible with the most beneficial impacts for the industry.

The committee’s goal is to provide broader ELN participation in various leadership-related events and activities for future ELN opportunities and developments. It is designed to guide the industry and the various leaders in the right direction to continued successes.

“I’m looking forward to working with our newly formed Steering Committee,” Tullio said. “Many NAMA members are excited about the future of the ELN, and I want to ensure the group takes advantage of its considerable potential.”

A monthly conference call is arranged for the committee to have the opportunity to interact and bounce ideas around to see what they can do to better the industry as a whole, what they personally can do for the industry, and how to accelerate forward. Their first conference call was held on May 20th and was greatly successful.

In the Near Future
The NAMA Coffee, Tea, & Water show will be held on November 11, 12, and 13. This year it is being held in Dallas, Texas. The NAMA ELN plans to meet at this conference and discuss current and future issues within the industry and how to handle them to properly generate a positive impact.

The NAMA ELN is also getting involved in the Washington Public Policy Conference that is held in Washington D.C. in early September of this year. This event is a prominent and influential assembly for strategic face-to-face interchange with key members of Congress, their respected staff, and top regulatory officials.

Last year, five NAMA members attended this conference. NAMA members joined board members to discuss the issues that are affecting the industry. These members gained a great deal of knowledge and met individuals to further network with. This conference is beneficial for everyone who attends.

“What our attendees can gain is this, more experience dealing with legislative issues in the industry, build a greater network, and strengthen ties with legislators and members,” says Tullio.

Five Years into the Future
When asked, “Where do you see the NAMA Emerging Leaders Network five years from now?” Tullio answered, “Continuing to grow as a network and continuing to bring talented young people into the industry.”

Anyone that is involved can make new connections within the industry and even out of the industry. Because of these newly formed connections, along with already existing connections, they have various additional people that they can turn to for their businesses and local and national legislatures. They can work together in win-win situations to better the community, industry, and their businesses.

Tullio said, “Members can continue to grow and expand their network to give them additional information and have better help when an issue arises. They have a network to tap into.”

The NAMA ELN is marking milestones within the industry. Seeing that there is a need for change is the first step in making changes, and recognizing that there may be generation gaps is the initial phase in beginning to close them. We are in an industry where communication is always needed and change is an inevitably going to happen. With the recent installation of the NAMA ELN Steering Committee and the year’s future endeavors with congress, the ELN is bound to make history and progress to future successes.

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