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With my grandson, Finn,  at Wharaiki Beach, New Zealand July 2014
With my grandson, Finn,
at Wharaiki Beach, New Zealand July 2014

Balance. With it, you can achieve greatness. Without it, success is limited and failure is much more likely. But “balance” is a tricky thing. As a busy businessperson you are always thinking of what you can do better. What did you forget? You dream of the day when you will be “caught up.” The day when you can finally relax a bit. Be careful! Before you know it, your children are grown, your friends are mostly gone due to your complete and utter focus on your business goals, and you are still fighting the battle of to-dos, projects and things! So how do you get off the endless rollercoaster ride? How do you get “caught up”? How do you succeed?

You STOP. You take a break. You look at the bigger picture. And you redefine “success.” You accept that you will never be caught up and the list never ends. You make peace with that, and you learn to trust others. Yes, just maybe you can do X, Y, and Z faster and better than anyone else can (at least in your own mind), but is that really your best use of time? You learn to let go and do what is really important. AND, you define “important.” Is important making sales, or the perfect brochure; or the perfect wording or the perfect ANYTHING?

You learn that there is no such thing as “perfect,” But there is success. And, success is waking up each morning proud of who you are and what you have achieved. Success is helping your employees to grow and become better at what they do. Success is helping your customers in whatever it is you do to serve them. Success is realizing that people are more important than goals. Success is spending a good proportion of each day doing the things that will make you and your family happier and healthier. Success is the journey – one day at a time. Success is finding that balance between profit and people.

Today I wish for all of the CoffeeTalk readers and family, success.

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