Is coffee better in Sydney or Melbourne? Find out this September!

New industry event being launched this September will help settle the score on which city has better coffee.

The Coffee Experience, a new industry event taking place from 4 – 6 September at the Royal Hall of Industries, is set to kick off the country’s most prestigious barista competition.

The Coffee Experience is taking place over three days at The Royal Hall of Industries, as a new coffee event paying tribute to the incredible coffee on offer in Australia’s largest city.

Sydney has a rich history of specialty coffee, with names like Toby Smith of Toby’s Estate Coffee, Will Young of Campos Coffee, and Michael Allpress of Allpress Coffee, helping pioneer the third wave of specialty coffee in Sydney. These companies and more will be at this new industry event, to give Melbourne a run for its money in showing who has truly led the development of the country’s coffee scene, and helped give Australia the reputation in having the best coffee in the world.

The event will host the NSW Australia Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) coffee championships, the country’s most prestigious barista competition. The competition will be a display of the best talent NSW has to offer. The competition has been running since 2001, and the winners from each state go on to competition at the National Barista Championships, taking place in Melbourne next March.

NSW and Victoria are traditional rivals in this competition. The NSW competition is sure to attract a lot of attention, to see which of the city’s finest baristas will help represent the region.

The Coffee Experience

4 – 6 September

Royal Hall of Industries

Opening times

Thursday 4 September 10am – 5pm

Friday 5 September 10am – 5pm

Saturday 6 September 10am – 4pm


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