Pier Coffee Incorporates, Announces Equity Partnership

August 15, 2014 Seattle, WA Based “Pier Coffee” announces the sale of a minority share interest in the company and the creation of Pier Coffee LLC. Since 2012, Pier Coffee has been solely owned and operated by Erin Williamson, former owner of the Burien Press coffee shop. The company specializes in premium hand-crafted coffee products, particularly the Pier Coffee Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate. Increased product demand and potential for growth led to the deal.

The new principal owners at Pier Coffee are Joseph Traverso, former Chief Operating Officer and President of WW Metal Fabrication in Portland, OR, and Will Logan, Owner and Senior Broker at Kimbal Logan Real Estate and Investment in Vancouver, WA. Along with owning a stake in the company, Traverso and Logan will take on an active role as part of its executive team.

“It feels great, and I think it was time,” said Williamson on the transaction, who retained a majority share of the company as part of the deal. “By adding business development expertise, sales acumen, and an infusion of capital, Pier Coffee is in position to take a major step forward. I am grateful to be working with two partners who have such a passion for innovative business and speciality coffee.”

On what led to the deal, Traverso commented, “After meeting with Erin on several occasions and understanding her long term vision for the company, it became clear that this was an opportunity to be part of something special. We look forward to expanding the scope and scale of the business, while maintaining the unmistakably refined product quality that defines Pier Coffee today.”

Plans for expansion at Pier Coffee include capital investment in expanded brewery space, increased scope of sales and marketing, and research and development. Along with the Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate and the Ready to Drink Cold Brew, plans are also in the works for expanding the product line. “Erin has some pretty incredible ideas up her sleeve”, added Logan. “It’s exciting to think about where this is headed.”

Pier Coffee is one of the country’s first exclusively “cold brew” coffee companies. Started as a nano cold brewery in 2012 by a coffee industry veteran, Pier Coffee now offers an expanding line of coffee products. Pier Coffee crafts its beverages using a custom cold brew method that pulls acidity out of the coffee while retaining a complex flavor profile. Although cold brewed, Pier Coffee’s flagship concentrate can be enjoyed piping hot or over ice; it can be mixed into a cocktail or used for baking. With an emphasis on sustainability, quality, and craft, Pier Coffee is excited to always be imagining what is next for coffee drinkers. Go to piercoffee.com for more information or to get cold brew delivered to your door.

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