Critical Process Filtration, Inc. Announces Expanded Technical Services and Validation Support

NASHUA, N.H., Aug. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Critical Process Filtration, Inc. of Nashua, New Hampshire, today announces the expansion of their Technical Services and Validation Support capabilities.

Critical Process Filtration now offers customers and potential customers services ranging from particle size analyses in fluids to filter failure analyses (even for competitor filters) and contaminant identification. These are in addition to their hallmark services of system benchmarking and cost/performance optimization.

The company is also announcing their expansion of Validation Support services for users in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. All system development consulting, application testing and performance documentation is now available through Critical Process Filtration for applications ranging from clarification to sterilizing filtration.

The company’s expanded website has more information on these services and how to request them. Interested parties can visit for more information.

About Critical Process Filtration, Inc.

Critical Process Filtration, Inc.® is a vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of premium process filtration products and services. Their line includes filtration cartridges, capsules and laboratory disc filters using membranes and depth media. They cast their own membranes and source other proprietary media and membrane using materials such as polypropylene, fiberglass, and PTFE.

They offer decades of filter application experience to industries in which filtration is considered a critical part of the manufacturing process. From pharmaceutical and biotech process filtration to ultrapure chemical production to wine, beer and bottled water filtration, they understand critical filtration processes and their importance to the safety of consumers and the protection of user brands.

Critical Process Filtration, Inc. is dedicated to offering customers superior quality products at the lowest cost possible. The industries they serve rely on filtration as a critical part of their success – so the Critical Process Filtration goal is to provide robust and cost-effective filtration backed with expert support. They can be found at

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