PortaBrands™ Announces Patented PortaDrink® Beverage Carrier

Have you ever tried to get the door with two hot coffees in your hands? Or make it thru with a four cup tray and not spill or lose one?

Developed in Europe, a great alternative is now available here in North America, PortaBrands™ Patented PortaDrink® beverage carrier, which can be seen at space 113 at CoffeeFest Portland 2014.

PortaDrink®, simplicity at its best – 2 and 4 cup options. Simply drop in the drinks, fold up, snap the handle and go!

One hand easy carry, it swings like a pendulum – spill safe when you are nudged as you walk through the crowd.

PortaDrink® is Brand-able for your Company, your product, your suppliers, Sponsors and teams.

It can speed up service and increase sales.

It’s lean on space, storage, handling and shipping.

Eco friendly sustainable forestry product and with a high wet tear strength, PortaDrink is not only Biodegradable, but Compostable, and even re-usable.

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