Coffee Fruit Nutrition Bars announce their new supplying partner!


Since we opened our doors on the first day of February of this year, I never knew I’d be undertaking the start of such an amazing journey with you all. As a company, we’ve hit some amazing milestones:

1) We successfully launched The Original Coffee Fruit Bar™ The first coffee fruit nutrition bar in the world, EVER.

2) We became the first nutrition bar in history to join the Specialty Coffee Association

3) We’ve forged an amazing partnership with Food 4 Farmers to fund their food security projects in coffee growing communities

4) Secured a new sourcing partnership with the amazing people at Coffee Flour to expand our reach and help more coffee farmers diversify their revenue.

No matter how big we get, we promise to continue our mission to help you FEEL GOOD FOR GOOD™, by empowering coffee farming communities and providing health packed sustainable food products.

Happy Snacking,

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