Cropster supporting the new Cup of Excellence auction platform

The Cup of Excellence competition, operated by the Portland-based Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), will use Cropster Hub as its new auction platform, beginning with 2016 competitions. Along with supporting the auction for award-winning COE coffees, Cropster will provide a new sales channel for the high quality coffees that advance to the final week of competition but do not make it to the auction.  The system will also provide additional data for both coffee farmers and COE buyers to assist them in their ongoing efforts to create extraordinary coffees. Moisture and water activity measurements, warehouse storage information, jury scoring data and COE suggested roasting profiles are just a few examples of the increased data that will be made available. The new platform will also support a cupping form app that will be used by jurors at all COE competitions.

Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia, Chair of the ACE Board of Directors, said, “Making the valuable physical and sensory data collected during the competition available to farmers is a huge priority for ACE, and we are committed to developing a feedback system that will allow producers to receive tremendous added benefit from participation in the program.  We are equally excited about our improved ability to deliver more detailed farm information and coffee quality data to COE members and auction participants.”

Cropster Hub is the next product in Cropster’s line of products for the specialty coffee industry.  The platform links green coffee buyers to coffee trading organizations, and is designed to make it easier for coffee buyers to find great coffees.  Coffees buyers can view green coffee offering lists from each participating seller.

On the development of the platform, Cropster Inc’s CEO Norbert Niederhauser said, “It’s hard for roasters and end consumers to get information on their coffee.  We want to make coffee information richer and more accessible to buyers in the specialty coffee community.”

Cropster Hub is scheduled for release in late Q4 2015.

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