Probat to cooperate exclusively with Tomra Sorting Food

Emmerich am Rhein, Germany, August 2016: Probat, the world`s leading supplier of plants and machinery for the coffee and food industry, has teamed up with Tomra Sorting Food, the global market leader for sensor-based food sorting machines.

Probat expands its range of food processing machinery and now exclusively supplies the global coffee industry with the free-fall laser sorter Tomra Nimbus, referred to as Probat laser sorter type LST. The LST simultaneously rejects foreign objects such as small glass and plastic particles, stones, sticks, metal parts as well as discoloured and deformed products with extremely high efficiency. It works with high resolution lasers enabling it to sort objects which cannot be detected by conventional sorters. Thus, it is capable of rejecting based on biological characteristics like chlorophyll amongst others. For example, unwanted and difficult to detect objects such as little sticks or green coffees of very heterogeneous color are easily identified by the LST.

Implemented with the Smart and Flex Sort Modules, the LST is able to automatically set itself. Incoming products are analyzed and the best sorting parameters are automatically selected for creating a higher level of contrast which results in a lower false reject and the highest possible efficiency.

Premium quality products today are even more essential than they used to be years ago. The ultimate objective to develop cutting-edge food processing technologies, optimizing production flows and helping to deliver consistent high quality food is the common foundation which Tomra and Probat build their collaboration on.

Like Belgium based Tomra, Probat increasingly invests in R&D to be able to stay ahead with technological innovations always meeting customers´ needs. It is the overall aim to help customers increase product quality and improve efficiency which brought together both companies. The LST particularly aims at producers of premium quality coffee products such as specialty coffee and whole bean, with very quality conscious consumers.

“With its high-performance sorting solutions for Probat Tomra is a partner of equal, pursuing the same value-oriented strategy in terms of product quality and food safety. Together with Tomra we are able to meet even highest customer demands on coffee quality and to constantly improve it”, says Andreas Rinke, Senior Engineer / Portfolio Management at Probat.

Bjorn Thumas, Director Business Development at Tomra Sorting Food: “This partnership is based on good synergies between both companies, Probat having the expertise in coffee roasting processes and Tomra with their long history in sorting; a combination which generates the ability to supply solutions that are of ultimate benefit to the customers.”

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