Things appear to be almost back to normal at Pod Pack

Looking back, it is hard to believe that it has been just one week since the flooding began in Baton Rouge.  Pod Pack is 100% back in business.  100% of our employees are accounted for and will be at work on Monday.  Amazingly, original ship dates for every customer order in house will be met on time without working this weekend!

What remains to be done is another big challenge.  The unofficial statistics for all of the Baton Rouge area is 13 dead, over 40,000 homes damaged, and there is no way to know at this time the number of damaged vehicles. Even though this disaster has not received a lot of national attention, it will be on the Pod Pack minds for a very long time.

At least 1/3 of our employees have lost homes and/or vehicles.  Since mold development in the flooded homes forms very quickly and since there are limited resources, the Pod Pack family is forming work teams for this weekend to remove the wet contents in our employees’ homes.

Pod Pack will continue to provide temporary housing, transportation, meals, and daycare for its impacted employees until FEMA can take over completely.  In the meantime, many of our suppliers, our customers, and others have already donated money to the Pod Pack Employee Relief Fund.


If you are interested, go to and click the link located in the slider on our home page or you can also find this link on our Facebook Page ( The link will direct you to our PayPal account.

Your prayers, support, and confidence are very much appreciated.

Tom Martin

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