Kyuemon Ceramic Coffee Filter

Kerri Goodman - DSC01847August 2016
Andrew Camp – Distributor, Sunbridge Innovative Products Ltd.
Victoria, B.C.

Sunbridge Innovative Products Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Kyuemon Ceramic Filter will soon be available to North American customers.

The Kyuemon Ceramic Coffee Filter is a unique ceramic product designed to filter out coffee grounds, dust and particles, and removes the bitterness inherent in coffee. A coffee without its bitterness presents to the connoisseur a healthier option for those seeking to reduce their sugar consumption. This eco-friendly product is engineered to last a lifetime given the proper care.

Kyuemon is excited to announce that we have chosen Coffee Fest Anaheim 2016 as our launchpad into the North American continental market. The Kyuemon Ceramic Filter is estimated to be available for commercial and retail customer by October 2016.

For any information regarding the coming release and availability of the Kyuemon Ceramic Filter, please contact Andrew Camp at, or by phone at (250) 896-0556

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