Curtis Seraphim® – Batch Brewing Re-Imagined

Powerful, technologically advanced and good looking, the Seraphim takes single cup brewing to the next level. Built on the chassis of the award-winning Curtis Gold Cup brewer, and the industry standard Curtis Water Tower, the Seraphim puts on a great show. But its beauty is more than skin deep. Like all Curtis brewers, it produces a consistently delicious SCA Golden Cup of coffee and the Seraphim easily brews into a single cup, Chemex® or French Press. An intuitive G4 digital control system, patented brew cone and proven Curtis technology make sure of it.

By lending a touch of “coffee theater,” the Seraphim can bring in customers that want something delicious to drink—plus something fascinating to see. The Seraphim puts batch brewing right into your operation — front row center. Taking up a mere 2’ x 3’ of room, it fits easily onto your existing counter space, and looks impressive, too.

For more information, 800/421-6150

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